Agate Geode Crystals Rock Pendant Copper Metal Chain Necklace

[N00073] This delicate piece is a must have for all the Crystal lovers out there! Agate Geode Crystals Rock Pendant is composed of 45mm Agate Geode Crystal Green Back Rock Pendant, 30" - 31" Copper Metal Chain, and Lobster Clasp. Made in the USA. Geodes in general are known to have very strong powers. Geodes are believed to be able to help see the 'whole perspective' and to see situations from different viewpoints. Agate geodes are also believed to be able to help shape someone's future. They can bridge communications and they are also helpful for clearing one's mind for meditation. Agate geodes are especially powerful in alleviating stress and strengthening spirituality.
Manufacturer: Tecajo Designs
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SKU: N00073

It is said that the color lifts spirits and brings a sense of happiness.

Tecajo Designs has uniquely handcrafted this collar necklace. The necklace is a one-of-a-kind perfect statement necklace and can be layered with another Tecajo Design necklace. Don't forget to see our collection of earrings for a matching pair of earrings.

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